Na’amod stages protest against Israeli Ambassador’s racist views

Na’amod – British Jews Against Occupation staged a walk out at an event featuring the Israeli Ambassador to the UK

The protest occurred at a recent event celebrating Tzipi Hotovely’s (Israeli Ambassador to the UK) first year as ambassador. They were highlighting her racist views regarding Palestinian Arabs.

They highlighted some of the following comments she has made during her political career

  • Calling the Nakba an “Arab lie”
  • Inviting the far-right Jewish supremacist organisation Lehava to speak in the Knesset (the Israeli parliament)
  • Publicly opposing relationships between Jews and Arabs
  • Referring to Israeli human rights activists as “war criminals” and comparing them to a fifth column
  • Accusing Palestinians of being “thieves of history” who have no heritage or connection to Israel-Palestine
  • Calling for the Israeli flag to fly over the Temple Mount – a violation of the status quo in a holy site for both Muslims and Jews
  • Stating that the occupation is “a myth” and, as Settlements Minister, directly upholding Israel’s illegal presence in the West Bank
  • Leading the campaign for annexation and claiming that biblical texts entitle Israel to the entirety of the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea

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