The Liberal Democrat Friends of Palestine exist to fight for the rights of the Palestinian People through the medium of the Liberal Democrat Party. The party’s core values of liberalism, internationalism and support for the indivisibility of human rights and the rule of law make it the natural home in mainstream British politics for those determined to support the Palestinian call for justice and their entitlements under international law.

We currently support the ‘two state solution’: for an independent and viable Palestinian state, and security for both parties. We therefore call on Israel to renounce all claims to occupied land and to halt all illegal settlement building. If Israel is unwilling to do this, there will come a point at which ‘the one state solution’, under which Israel will need to offer all Palestinians citizenship in a single, secular State, will become the only possible way forward. This may be very soon.

We reject accusations of anti-Semitism against party members, organisations or other individuals within and outside the Liberal Democrat Party because they criticize Israeli government policies. We categorically reject all forms of violence against civilians (including the disproportionate use of force) no matter who the perpetrators and the victims may be. We oppose all forms of racism including anti-Arab racism, Islamophobia and anti-Semitism.

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