Background Information

If you enjoyed our Booth at Conference and would like to know a bit more, we set out below some background information in respect to the current situation in Palestine.

1. Interactive maps of Palestine showing some of the history of “Vanishing Palestine” prepared by Al-Jazeera

2. Water shortages in Gaza

This article sets out how water in Gaza is now in dangerously short supply.

3. The UK Parliament and the situation in Palestine

This link to the Balfour Project provides an easy route to Hansard extracts, showing how the Palestine issue has been dealt with in the UK Parliament.

Extracts from the House of Commons most recent debate on Palestine Thursday 24th September 2020 are set out here:

4. COVID-19 and Palestine

What would happen if COVID-19 spread in Gaza?

Israel controls Gaza from the air, land, and sea. With COVID-19 spreading globally, this video sets out why a COVID-19 outbreak in Gaza could be catastrophic.

5. Casualties

These charts set out Israeli and Palestinian casualties in Israel and Palestine since 2000.

6. A first-hand account

Our recent Webinar speaker, Palestinian activist Professor Mazin Qumsiyeh, wrote this moving account of the life and death of his friend, Basil Al Araj, and gives a compelling insight into the events of 1948 and its aftermath by following the experiences of one family.