The Britain Palestine Friendship and Twinning Network

The Britain Palestine Friendship and Twinning Network (BPFTN) is a membership body bringing together autonomous groups who share a common aim: to develop links with Palestinian partners and people to increase mutual understanding, solidarity and cooperation. We were established in 2005 and promote and support twinning and friendship between a range of different British and Palestinian communities and groups. 

We believe that by deepening friendship, understanding and connections between the people of the UK and Palestine through friendship and twinning links, we can change hearts and minds and raise awareness of the ongoing injustice experienced by the Palestinian people. 

We have a broad understanding of what friendship and twinning mean- we have member groups who are officially twinned with towns but many others that are informally linked through friendship and other connections- we warmly welcome any group that shares our aims. You don’t have to have a direct link with a specific place- believing and acting in friendship with Palestine and its people is what matters. You can read all about what we do, how to set up a group, browse our resources, and find out more about Palestine and we’d love to hear from anyone who wants to know more, would be interested in joining the network or setting up a group. Please get in touch – or visit our website: