Lib Dems call for radical new approach to Israel/Palestine conflict

Leyla Moran MP, Lib Dem Foreign Affairs Spokesperson

The Lib Dems have called for more trade with Palestine and Israel, more resources for peace and upholding of international law by ceasing trade with illegal settlements

Liberal Democrat members have today passed a motion at party conference calling for a new approach to the Israel/Palestine conflict. 

The motion, the first on Israel/Palestine at Lib Dem conference since 2017, reaffirms the party’s call for immediate recognition of the state of Palestine alongside calling on the UK Government to commit further resources to peace.

The Liberal Democrats have become the first UK political party to formally support the creation of a peace fund for the region to build trust between Israeli and Palestinian communities, modelled on similar schemes previously used in Northern Ireland.

The motion sees party members call for increased trade links and cooperation with both Palestine and Israel. It also proposes legislation to ensure that goods and services from illegal settlements in Palestinian territory do not enter the United Kingdom until a negotiated peace settlement is agreed. 

Layla Moran MP, Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and the first MP of Palestinian descent, commented:

“After the events of the last few years, the two-state solution, promised to the likes of my family, seems more elusive than ever. That’s why the UK Government urgently needs to adopt a radical new approach to the conflict – as set out in this motion. 

“This is a distinctly Liberal approach which upholds human rights and the rule of law, while using trade and cooperation as the tools for peace which we know they are. That’s why we want to see more trade with Palestine, more trade with Israel, and the introduction of legislation that will see the UK take steps to uphold international law by ceasing trade with the illegal Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory, unless and until a negotiated settlement is reached.  “The Prime Minister was shamefully absent from the world stage during the awful violence in Israel and Palestine in May. If he truly cares about ‘Global Britain’, he should finally show some awareness of the historic obligations which Britain owes to the region. That starts by recognising the state of Palestine – and adopting the radical new approach as set out in this motion.”