Israeli government’s demolition of Palestinian homes & property seizure challenged

Lib Dem Peer Baroness Hussein-Ece asked the British government what they were doing about the removal and property seizure of Palestinians in Khirbet Humsa Al Baqai’a in Palestine. This was the UK government’s response:

The Minister of State for the Middle East and North Africa called on Israel to stop demolitions in Humsa Al Baqai’a on 5 February 2021. The UK Ambassador joined the Ambassadors of European states on 25 February in a meeting with Israeli Authorities, urging the Government of Israel to cease demolitions and allow access of humanitarian support to the community in Humsa Al Baqai’a. At the UN Security Council on 26 February, the UK Permanent Representative called on Israel to allow the delivery of emergency humanitarian aid for those who have had their homes demolished or confiscated. We also joined European UN Security Council members in delivering a specific statement on this issue following the Middle East Peace Process session. Officials from the British Consulate General Jerusalem visited Humsa Al-Baqai’a on 6 November to reiterate UK support for the community.