Israel uses electric shock on Palestinian boy prisoner

Israeli interrogators used electric shock on minor Palestinian boy prisoner from the West Bank city of Al-Khalil, Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS) said on Friday.

The Palestinian lawyer from the PPS Jacqueline Farraj said that she had visited the 16-year-old Palestinian prisoner Ahmed Maswada in the Israeli prison of Etzion.

She reported that the boy complained of the Israeli interrogators using electric shock on him during the interrogation.

According to Farraj, the boy also complained of the Israeli interrogators beating him with the butts of their rifles.

The boy also told the lawyer that he was blindfolded when he was held by the Israeli occupation soldiers and then taken by a military vehicle to the interrogation centre.

Farraja added that Maswada is still suffering from pains in one of his hands due to the assault by the Israeli occupation soldiers when he was kidnapped.

Notorious Israeli interrogators have been known for years as child abusers and international organisations have issued numerous reports about this. However, none has taken any action to stop these flagrant Israeli violations of the international law.

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