Israel Destroys Water Well that Benefitted Hundreds of Palestinian Farmers

Israeli forces destroyed a water well in the occupied West Bank. (File photo: via

The Palestine Chronicle reports (30 May 2022) A water well, which has been benefiting hundreds of Palestinian farmers, was destroyed on Monday by the Israeli occupation forces in the village of Ras Atiyeh, near Qalqilya, the official Palestinian news agency WAFA reported.

Mazouz Marabeh, a resident of Ras Atiyeh, told WAFA that Israeli soldiers broke into the western part of the village, destroyed the well and seized all equipment used to draw water from the well.

Marabeh added that by destroying the well, Israel has denied 400 farmers from benefiting from its water which they used to irrigate 4000 dunums of their agricultural lands.

According to Marabeh, Israel purportedly destroyed the well – which was owned and operated by the Ras Atiyeh Agricultural Cooperative – to prevent all these farmers from benefiting from its water.

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