Most Israelis Support Sgt. Elor Azariya’s Decision To Fire At The Terrorist In Hebron

Most Israelis polled express support for IDF Sgt. Elor Azariya, who is currently on trial for manslaughter as a result of his actions. Azariya shot a wounded Arab terrorist on Purim, in Hebron and is charged with manslaughter by the military prosecutor as a result.

According to the survey released by Tel Aviv University’s Peace Index and the Israel Democracy Institute on Wednesday, 4 Elul, half of the respondents believe that every Palestinian who attacks Jews should be killed, even if neutralized.

65% of respondents back Azariya, that he fired in self-defense as opposed 25% who do not believe him, stating the firing of his weapon was unnecessary.

The young soldier’s biggest support comes from the chareidim, with 95% backing him. Among the dati leumi community that number drops to 79% and among right-wingers, 81%. Support among young Jews (18-24-years-old) is 84%.

47% of Jewish respondents support firing at every terrorist who attacked Jews, even after he is neutralized. 45% disagree and feel the terrorist should be handed over to security officials. The largest support base for firing at the terrorist even after neutralized comes from young Jews, registering 69%.

Respondents were asked to rate their trust in government agencies. Ranking highest is the IDF with 87%, followed by courts (54%) and the Knesset (26%).

What do you think about statements from former PM Ehud Barak, that PM Netanyahu is causing security damage due to his poor judgement?

· 10% believe Barak and that his intentions are honorable

· 68% feel Barak simply wants to lash out at Netanyahu

· 42% of the left-wing who voted Machane Tzioni also believe Barak’s comments are politically motivated and not out of concern for state security.

Arab Sector Belief in Barak’s Statements

· 27% believe Barak is genuinely concerned for national security

· 42% believe Barak’s statements are politically motivated

General Numbers

· 65% believe it would be good for the nation is Barak returned to the political arena

· 72% of the right-wing oppose Barak’s return

· 54% of the centrists oppose Barak’s return

· 59.5% of the left-wing oppose Barak’s return

· 52.5% of the Arab sector backs Barak’s return

US Presidential Elections

· 62% of the Jewish and Arab residents believe former US Secretary of State Clinton will become the next president

· Fewer than 25% believe Donald Trump will emerge the victor

· The remainder “does not know”

· 38.5% of the Jews believe Trump is better for Israel

· 33% feel Clinton is better for Israel

Who would you like to see win the US presidential elections?

· 43% Clinton

· 34% Trump

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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