LDFP statement on UN security council’s rejection of Palestinian statehood bid

LDFP deplores the failure of the UK government to stand alongside France and vote in favour of the UN Security Council resolution setting a timetable for withdrawal by Israel to 1967 borders.  This flies in the face of the overwhelming majority in the House of Commons and the Liberal Democrat party for recognition of Palestinian statehood.  Israel continues to thumb its nose at international concern about illegal settlements, state-sponsored violence, the continuing deaths of Palestinians at the hands of the IDF and Jewish settlers, and the continued blockade of Gaza.  LDFP now hopes that the Palestinian President will have the courage to refer the conduct of the Gaza War to the International Criminal Court as he has threatened.  LDFP would also like to hear Lib Dem ministers making clear their disassociation from the UK Government’s abstention.
Vive la Palestine! Vive la France! Vivent la paix et la justice!